Saturday, September 5, 2009

Grandma and Aunt Laura's Visit

Just a few highlights from our visit with Grandma F and Aunt Laura. We visited Warwick Castle on the first Saturday of their time here. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera that day. We had a great time and especially enjoyed our dinner at Nando's in Coventry.

The above photo was taken at Burghley House. We spent the day there walking, picnicing and playing in the water at the Garden of Surprise.
Mom, Laura and Nathanael enjoying our day out to Cambridge while the rest of the kids were at Holli's. We had lunch at the Slug and Lettuce (a chain restaurant/pub in England). Thanks again, Holli!
Mom and Laura 0n the bus in Cambridge
Our day out to Stamford on Cason's birthday. These pictures are of us stopping at Bean's for our hot chocolate and milkshakes.

Mom, Laura, Andrew, Cason and Nathanael (sleeping) on a bridge in Stamford.
Mom and Laura by the train at Kings Cross in London for our girls weekend.
Me and Laura in front of a monument at Kensington Palace.
Me and Mom on a bench at the Cath Kidston store in Covent Gardens. Such a lovely store. It was hard to make final decisions. I did come away with a really nice bag and matching wallet.
Mom and Laura in front of an English phone booth.
The kids and grandma being silly on their last night here.
All of us (minus Steve) before they left bright and early the next morning. We had such a great time with them and are so happy they were able to make it to visit us one last time.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cason Turns Eight!

This stylish dude turned eight way back on August 21 (see how behind I am.) Cason was able to have a bigger birthday party than usual as grandma and Aunt Laura were here visiting. We once again gave him the option for what he wanted to do for his birthday dinner go out or eat in his favorite food. He chose to eat in. He wanted grilled chicken with Peri-Peri sauce from Nando's. So that is what we did. We ended the meal with a confetti cake with homemade butter cream frosting. He was thrilled.

His birthday was on Friday. For the day, we took grandma and Aunt Laura into Stamford to the market. We did a bit of shopping, had lunch and then stopped off at Bean's (the best little coffee shop) for milkshakes for the kids, hot chocolate for mommy and Aunt Laura and coffee for grandma. After our little treat, we had to make a secret stop for a surprise for Cason. We headed to the music store where we bought Cason his birthday present - a 3/4 size red,acoustic guitar. He was so surprised. He left the store carrying his guitar in his case all the way to the car as proud as can be. He had asked for an electric guitar for his birthday, but mom and dad wanted him to learn on acoustic first and thankfully the man at the music store agreed.
Everyone waiting for birthday cake.
The happy birthday boy and two proud sisters.
Cason with his remote control Hummer from Grandma and Grandpa S.
Cason with his very own personalized picture from Grandma F.
Blowing out the candles.

Cason, we hope you had a great birthday. We love you so much. You are such a hard worker and a great helper. We hope you have fun learning how to play your new guitar. Love you, honey!

Lost Teeth

Two weeks ago, Tristan lost his first tooth. The kids spent the day at my friend Holli's while my mom, sister, Nate and I went to Cambridge for the day. While he was at Holli's, he pulled his first tooth. Tristan didn't tell anyone and Holli saw later in the day that he had lost it. She asked him why he didn't tell anyone. He said he didn't want her to take his tooth. He kept it tucked safely in his pocket all day. He was very excited to put it under his pillow that night and even wrote the tooth fairy a note asking how big she was. He got a nice note in reply saying she was about 12 inches. He went around all day asking people how big they thought the tooth fairy was and then telling them the correct size. I love six year olds!

Three days after that he lost his second tooth. This time he wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if he could keep his tooth. She gladly left his money and his tooth.

A Bit Behind

Sorry, I am a bit behind in my blogging. My sister and mom we over visiting for 12 days and we have been busy getting things sorted for our trip back to the US next week. We will be in the US for two weeks. We look forward to our time there, but know it will be a very busy time.

I will try to slip in a few blogs here and there when I get a chance before then.