Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girl's NIght Out

This week was the week for "socials" for small group. Our group decided to break up and do guys and girls nights instead of getting families together since it is winter and we couldn't think of anything to do. The girls went out last night and the guys go out next Thursday. Both groups decided to go bowling.

We had a blast last night. I think girls just like getting together and chatting more than anything else. We were happy to discover when we arrived at the bowling alley that if we waited until 9:00 p.m. we could get our whole group in for 20 pounds for as many games we wanted. If we did it when we got there 8:15, it would have cost us 10 pounds each for two games. We were all willing to wait for the savings. This meant we had time to get a drink and sit and chat.
Me and Rachel
The group of us watching each other bowl
I had to post these pictures of Glenda and Rachel showing us how it is done. After all, they had the highest scores. I'm waiting for their thanks for posting these pictures. :) I won't even tell you who had the lowest score, but it starts with a M and ends with a E! It seems as though these silly English bowling alleys have sensors on the lanes that fault you when you step over the line. I did do a bit better once I learned that.

Hey, it wasn't about the game though, it was about being together, right?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Steve's New Hobby

Steve always jokes that he doesn't have any hobbies. He has six kids and they are his hobbies. For Valentine's Day, I got a how to knit book, needles and yarn. I have always wanted to learn to knit. I just need to find the time to learn and/or a teacher.

It seems as though he is more interested in knitting than I am. When I took a shower last night, this is what Steve was doing. His new hobby.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We started the day off with a romantic breakfast for eight. Our power went off just before breakfast, which made us thankful for our gas stove. We had heart shaped eggs and heart shaped bread (instead of toast, since the power was out). The kids also had red berry smoothies. The power back on about an hour later.
The kids holding up their Valentine bags they made earlier in the week. All through the week they made cards for each other and put them into the bags. It was neat to see them working on cards for each other. Mom and dad also put cards and candy into their bags. They also enjoyed opening the Valentine gifts grandma and grandpa sent along.
Mom and dad went out on a date, but before we left I made a heart shaped pizza and heart finger jello for them. They loved their red heart dinner.
All smiles for their special dinner.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Leah

Today we celebrated Leah's fourth birthday. She is such a big girl. We had a nice afternoon at home and then she opened her gifts. She chose to go to McDonald's for dinner and then we came home to have cake. Leah loved her birthday so much that when we put her to bed she started crying. Steve asked her what was wrong and she said that she didn't want her special day and birthday to be over. How precious is that? None of the other kids have done anything like that. I think I am getting a little glimpse of the drama of girls.

We are so thankful to be blessed with Leah for another year. She is a spunky and delightful little girl and we all love her so much.
Leah and her big brothers
Leah blowing out the candles on her princess birthday cake.

Opening her gifts.


Winter in the UK

I took these pictures of our backyard today. As you can see, we still have snow. It's been three days. It is amazing that we still have it. It was warmer this afternoon and it started to melt. Tonight, it is once again snowing. What a fun winter. We love seeing the snow.
This is the snow fort that the boys made. They worked really hard and they are very proud of it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guess Who's a Big Girl?

This week, Annaliese decided she was a big girl and potty trained herself. It sure did surprise me, because up until a week ago, she hadn't even gone (pee or poop) on the potty. She would sit on it often trying to go, but never did. I don't think she knew what to do. On Wednesday morning, I found her sitting on the toilet upstairs. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I go poop." Sure enough she had. I decided since I was already doing laundry all day I would just put her in underwear. She didn't have any accidents. The next day we did underwear, but she had a couple accidents, but she also pooped on the potty again. For three days straight, she pooped on the potty and not in her underwear. I think I remember that part being the hardest with all the other kids. We are still working at it and she's had a couple accidents, but it is remarkably easy. I love girls. They are so easy to potty train. The boys were all over three and took longer. Sorry, Laura.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Snow Pictures

Tristan is the snowball man! He loves to throw them at everyone, but he isn't so happy to take 'em when they come his way.
The huge snowball the boys made with dad at the park.
The girls were happy enough to just swing at the park.
Seriously, do you see how much snow we have? :)

When I was in the attic this morning looking for snow pants, I found a snowsuit just the right size for Nate. I bundled him up and this is how he rode all morning. Snug as a bug!
Anna's poor little legs got quite tired from walking in all the snow. She much preferred daddy carrying her.

Look What We Woke Up To

SNOW AGAIN!!!! We would consider this a real snow day! We woke up to about 4-5 inches of snow on the ground and it was still snowing. Thousands of schools across the center of England are closed today, as they should be since they don't have proper snow removal vehicles. Today, totally feels like we are in Da UP! We are loving it. Steve decided not to chance it getting into work. I think we both knew he would be just sitting on the roads and not going anywhere for hours. Around 8:30, a e-mail came through from his boss for everyone to stay home today. As for a day off of home school, we had that on Monday. We urged the kids to get their work done quickly so they could go out. By 9:30, we were all geared up and heading out. When we moved here, I brought four pair of snow pants with us and a couple pair of boots. I am so glad I brought them, even if this is the only time we need them. It helped four of the kids to stay dry and warm for a morning out.

Playing in the Snow (part 2)

On Monday night after dinner, we decided to take the kids out for a walk. Steve and I were remembering back to when we were young and when we would play out in the snow after dark. We wanted our kids to experience it too. We headed out to the park. The kids loved running around, making snow angels and making a big snowman with the help of mom and dad. We all had a blast. I was sore the next day from running around.

Nathanael enjoyed it too. He stayed nice and cozy in his little sleeping bag.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day

We got our wish. We had a few snow flurries yesterday, but not enough to accumulate. This morning when we woke up we had a tiny bit on the ground. The weather was saying that we would get more in the afternoon. I talked to my friend Rachel on the phone. They live about 5 miles north of us. She said that all the schools in her town were closed today because of the snow. Their ground was actually covered. We didn't have that much. I wasn't feeling much like doing school today anyways, so I decided to call a "snow day" too.
After lunch, it started to snow again. I told the kids that while they were napping they should pray and ask God to make it continue snowing all afternoon so they could play in the snow later. When I went upstairs to put the girls and Nate down for a nap, I overheard the kids praying in the boys room. I went in and peeked at them. There, on the top bunk, were Anna, Leah, Tristan and Cason. They were taking turns praying out loud for God to make it keep snowing. It was the cutest thing. They looked up and saw me and asked if I wanted to pray. I prayed too and then put them down for naps. God answered their child-like prayers. It snowed all afternoon and evening.

After their rest time, they ran right out and played most of the afternoon. They even made a tiny snowman. Above you can see the kids with their tiny snowman. It is funny how excited we all get over just a dusting of snow. But, hey when it is only the fourth snowfall we have seen since living in England. It was a great snow day. Tomorrow I will post more about how we finished out our snow day.

We'll Just Make Our Own

We've all been a little bummed lately about the lack of snow we get here in the UK. Last Thursday, I decided that if we don't get our own snow, we will just make our own. That is exactly what we did. The kids were bored so I showed them how to cut out snowflakes. They absolutely loved it. Leah and Anna even joined in. By the time we were done we had a pile of snowflakes. We taped them all over our family room so it would feel like winter. I know a lot of you are thinking you would gladly send some of the snow you've gotten this winter.
Leah with her snowflake mask
Tristan with his snowflake mask
Our family room (Winter Wonderland)