Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Snow Pictures

Tristan is the snowball man! He loves to throw them at everyone, but he isn't so happy to take 'em when they come his way.
The huge snowball the boys made with dad at the park.
The girls were happy enough to just swing at the park.
Seriously, do you see how much snow we have? :)

When I was in the attic this morning looking for snow pants, I found a snowsuit just the right size for Nate. I bundled him up and this is how he rode all morning. Snug as a bug!
Anna's poor little legs got quite tired from walking in all the snow. She much preferred daddy carrying her.

1 comment:

Great Grandma said...

Wow - 2 snow days in one week. You'd think you were in Michigan. Don't forget to put a picture of the finished snowman on the blog.
Love and miss you all...