Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girl's NIght Out

This week was the week for "socials" for small group. Our group decided to break up and do guys and girls nights instead of getting families together since it is winter and we couldn't think of anything to do. The girls went out last night and the guys go out next Thursday. Both groups decided to go bowling.

We had a blast last night. I think girls just like getting together and chatting more than anything else. We were happy to discover when we arrived at the bowling alley that if we waited until 9:00 p.m. we could get our whole group in for 20 pounds for as many games we wanted. If we did it when we got there 8:15, it would have cost us 10 pounds each for two games. We were all willing to wait for the savings. This meant we had time to get a drink and sit and chat.
Me and Rachel
The group of us watching each other bowl
I had to post these pictures of Glenda and Rachel showing us how it is done. After all, they had the highest scores. I'm waiting for their thanks for posting these pictures. :) I won't even tell you who had the lowest score, but it starts with a M and ends with a E! It seems as though these silly English bowling alleys have sensors on the lanes that fault you when you step over the line. I did do a bit better once I learned that.

Hey, it wasn't about the game though, it was about being together, right?


Holli said...

what a fun idea!!!

Glenda said...

Just passin on my thanks Marti, butt pics are not a good look. It was a good night though.

Rachel Stiff said...

what can I say other than thank you for posting my butt on-line, the one of my 'glow-in-the-dark baby' is sooo much better. Thanks for a great night girls, lets just see how competitive our husbands get next week (-: