Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nathanael 14 Months

I took these cute pictures of Nate this week. As you can see, he isn't too keen on being locked in his room by the baby gate. He tries to pull it down. He has some room playtime everyday when I am putting the girls down for a nap. He just crawls around and plays with his toys or one of his brothers. He also likes to play with the diaper pail (as seen in the photo below.)

He is still not walking, although he is so close. He is taking more and more steps each day. He just has to do it when he doesn't know he is doing it. If he is focused on something other than walking, he will walk straight across the room. I will have Steve get a video up soon. He is also starting to show that he has an opinion on things. We can no longer have a cookie or dessert and not give one to him as well. He just reaches out his little hand and begs.

When we are all around the table together the kids do a lot of voting on things by raising their hands. Nathanael has picked right up on the hand raising. If we are talking about something and then look at him, he assumes we are voting and he raises his hand. It is so funny. He can't be left out.

Just thought you would enjoy a couple photos.

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