Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cadbury World

Yesterday, we took a two hour drive over to Birmingham (pronounced Birminum) to Cadbury World. You know the famous Cadbury Creme Eggs. We used our trusty Tesco clubcard points. We collect points from our grocery store on money spent there and those can be turned into vouchers for loads of things for free. We get lots of points because we spend a lot at Tesco. Anyways, we got the whole family into Cadbury World for 10 pounds. If we didn't have the Tesco vouchers it would have cost us 70 pounds.

Cadbury World is the factory where Cadbury chocolate is made. We got to tour part of the factory, take a little ride through coco bean land and eat lots of chocolate. They give out free chocolate a couple different times throughout the tour. When you multiply free chocolate by eight, you get LOTS of chocolate to bring home. Not to mention that they strategically end the tour in the Cadbury store where they want you to buy more chocolate. We did give in and let the kids pick out one candy bar.
One of the Cadbury employees took this photo of us while we were on the tour.
The boys as we entered the packaging plant.

The kids writing their name in chocolate.
Cason with the candy bar he picked. After we finished lunch we let the kids eat the candy bar they picked out. It was funny to see families letting their kids eat chocolate all the way through the tour. Not our kids, they each had a bite during the tour and then had to wait until after lunch for more. That was still too much sugar.
Anna with her candy bar.
Andrew eating his candy bar.
Tristan and Leah eating their candy bars.
Leah and Nate at lunch.
After we finished the tour and had lunch, we headed out to Essence. There we took another tour on how the Dairy Milk Chocolate is made. At the end of that tour, we all got to pick our own concoction to put in warm liquid chocolate. These photos are the kids enjoying those.

After we left Cadbury World, we took a little drive down to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Shakespeare was born there. We wanted to see if we should go back and visit there sometime. It was a neat looking town and decided it would be worth going back to. You can tour the home Shakespeare was born in. We also drove by Kenilworth Castle and decided we should go back there sometime too. That is the picture above.
Nathanael after a long day out and lots of chocolate. Seriously, he didn't have any chocolate.
This is a picture of all the free chocolate we came home with minus a couple pieces we snacked on. Needless to say, I passed out chocolate to our friends at church today. We don't give our kids candy so it would take us forever to eat all this.


Anonymous said...

You should ask Teresa Bassett about Dave Troyer's Cadbury Eggs sometime.

Also, you need to get on facebook.


Jason said...

And what do you mean "we don't give our kids candy" after posting all those pics of them eating it...