Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day

We got our wish. We had a few snow flurries yesterday, but not enough to accumulate. This morning when we woke up we had a tiny bit on the ground. The weather was saying that we would get more in the afternoon. I talked to my friend Rachel on the phone. They live about 5 miles north of us. She said that all the schools in her town were closed today because of the snow. Their ground was actually covered. We didn't have that much. I wasn't feeling much like doing school today anyways, so I decided to call a "snow day" too.
After lunch, it started to snow again. I told the kids that while they were napping they should pray and ask God to make it continue snowing all afternoon so they could play in the snow later. When I went upstairs to put the girls and Nate down for a nap, I overheard the kids praying in the boys room. I went in and peeked at them. There, on the top bunk, were Anna, Leah, Tristan and Cason. They were taking turns praying out loud for God to make it keep snowing. It was the cutest thing. They looked up and saw me and asked if I wanted to pray. I prayed too and then put them down for naps. God answered their child-like prayers. It snowed all afternoon and evening.

After their rest time, they ran right out and played most of the afternoon. They even made a tiny snowman. Above you can see the kids with their tiny snowman. It is funny how excited we all get over just a dusting of snow. But, hey when it is only the fourth snowfall we have seen since living in England. It was a great snow day. Tomorrow I will post more about how we finished out our snow day.

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