Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lost Teeth

Two weeks ago, Tristan lost his first tooth. The kids spent the day at my friend Holli's while my mom, sister, Nate and I went to Cambridge for the day. While he was at Holli's, he pulled his first tooth. Tristan didn't tell anyone and Holli saw later in the day that he had lost it. She asked him why he didn't tell anyone. He said he didn't want her to take his tooth. He kept it tucked safely in his pocket all day. He was very excited to put it under his pillow that night and even wrote the tooth fairy a note asking how big she was. He got a nice note in reply saying she was about 12 inches. He went around all day asking people how big they thought the tooth fairy was and then telling them the correct size. I love six year olds!

Three days after that he lost his second tooth. This time he wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if he could keep his tooth. She gladly left his money and his tooth.

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