Monday, August 16, 2010

School Supplies

This is what school supplies for four children looks like. I can't even imagine the amount, much less the cost for school supplies for seven.
Last week we sorted it all out and got their backpacks all packed. Here are the proud four with a little sister peeking in. They head back to school tomorrow . I have a feeling it will be bittersweet for all of us.


Stacey said...

Wow...I never thought about laying it all out like that! I noticed a big difference for Faith this year (jr. high)...not nearly as much stuff! At least you have that to look forward to :) The kids all look excited! I hope they have a great first day!

Glenda said...
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Glenda said...

What all have you to buy, that's alot of stuff xx

Aunt Audrey said...

How exciting to see you looking forward to and starting school.

Pretty neat brothers too, to look after their sister. Good for you, guys!!