Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoe's Room

...and a couple cute pictures of our baby.

These pictures are the other project I mentioned I was working in the last post. These bird pictures completed the wall space in Zoe's bird themed room. They were super easy and also very cheap to make. I think the cost under $10 for both of them, maybe even closer to five. I bought the canvases when they were half off at Hobby Lobby. That made them $4 for both of them. Here is the link where I got the idea and the directions. I do have to say that my new favorite thing to craft with is Mod Podge.

I'm not sure I have posted photos of her room before, so I thought I would post the other walls too. I've not been into themes with the other kids, so it has been really fun to do it for Zoe. The other kids even comment on how Zoe's room has birds all over it. Next on my list to get for her room are a vintage bird cage and a bird house or two.

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