Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best Friends

Megan and Leah are best friends. They will both call each other it too. They are two peas in a pod. Rachel (Megan's mom) and I once took them into the bathroom at church together and the two of them giggled and talked the whole time. Rachel and I just shook our heads. I didn't realize how girls do the friend thing. My boys have been completely different. They will be friends and play with anyone. I don't know if they have ever said they have had a best friend.
In the above picture, Megan is wearing Leah's sweatshirt. This is not uncommon either. Leah says Megan can borrow her clothes. When Megan leaves our house, she almost always has something that Leah has given her. I am amazed that girl and clothes sharing thing has started so early.
A couple months ago, Megan was staying at her grandparents for the week. When she got home, she asked if she could go to Leah's house. She said that while she was at her grandma and grandpa's, Leah text her and told her she could come over. Rachel had to call me to tell me this. We cracked up. Apparently, the girls have their own cell phones and text each other. I asked Leah if she got a text from Megan and she said, "no." I would have died if she would have said yes. These girls just crack us all up. It is so fun to watch their special girly friendship.


Holli said...

they are so cute in church nursery! love them!!!

Malory Rebekah said...

oh my goodness!!! that is just TOO CUTE!
haha, I love that they "text" each other!!
I bet soon they will want to dress alike and be twins! I remember doing that with my best friend :)

Steve and Marti said...

Oh, I forgot. They do dress the same. They both have the same dress. Every Sunday Leah wants to wear it and asks if Megan will be wearing hers. When they see each other in their matching dresses, they get all excited.