Sunday, July 5, 2009

Get-a-way to Venice

Last weekend, Steve and I had our romantic get-a-way to Venice, Italy. Steve's mom and brother graciously watched the kids so we could go. We had such an incredible time together. Venice is absolutely beautiful and a must-see place. I really think we would have had a great time anywhere just being alone together. Before our trip to Venice, it had been two years since we had been away alone together and that was to London for just one night. This time we had three nights and it was so relaxing. We enjoyed sleeping in, getting out of the hotel in record time (when you add 6 kiddos nothing happens quickly), seeing some incredible sights, laying on the beach, gelato, eating when and where we wanted, a break from being mom and dad, and enjoying just being husband and wife. We both agree that we better not wait two years until we get-away together again. I think we should go every 6 months. Steve is more practical and thinks once a year would work better. We are so grateful to Steve's mom and brother for taking care of the kids for us to have some time together. I do think they needed a vacation once we got back though. The kids kept them hopping.

This is the view down the walkway to our hotel (you can just make out the sign for the hotel)
This is a typical view in Venice. This was taken from a small bridge looking down a canal.
Picture of the Rialto Bridge. This was the closest bridge across the Grand Canal so we crossed it many times. Much to the disappointment of our tired and weary legs. I began to loath the bridge by the last day.
View down the Grand Canal at dusk. We had dinner at one of the little restaurants lit up down the right side of the canal on our last night in Venice.
Another self portrait in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square). It was raining a bit so thus the jackets.
Another view down a small canal near Piazza San Marco.
Picture of our room. This hotel felt much more like a B&B than a hotel (which makes sense since this hotel was a former home for a famous Venetian Painter) We loved the hotel. It had a yummy breakfast and it was in a great location. The bed, though, was terrible. We were happy to get home to our own comfy bed.

We paid the big bucks for a Gondola ride. You can't go to Venice without taking a trip in a Gondola.
Picture of our Gondalier and the Rialto Bridge.
Marti walking down a narrow alley-way on our way to catch the waterbus to the island of Murano.
Picture of us with the Adriatic Sea behind. We went to Lido Island and walked a short way to the beach. The beach was full of people as it was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.
Another self portrait. As you can tell, we were very relaxed and had a wonderful time just enjoying the sights and being together.
This is a picture of our hotel (we were passing by on a water bus). We sat on the lower level one afternoon and had a coffee and there were a couple of tables on the upstairs balcony where you could have breakfast.


Holli said...

So glad you could go and get away!
A great place to do that too!
It was our last get away place too! also more the 2 years ago.... which sadly will be probably more like 6 by the time we do it again!
Love the pics!
Of course I vote with Marti on the every 6 months!:)

Stacey said...

Awesome!! I went to Venice with girlfriends over from the U.S. and had an amazing time but felt guilty about not being there with Kyle. Having a gondola ride with girls just wasn't the same as having one with your husband. It has been over 2 years since Kyle and I have been away together alone and it was overnight to London as well.

The Shoes said...

AAHH...the life! Brings back so many memories of our holiday with just the 2 of us. We did pretty well at getting away every 6 months or more while living in the UK. Thank goodness my mom came so often and we had Kelly! Not sure when it will happen again, but it's so nice to focus on just you and whatever you want to do. Beautiful pictures! You guys look great. Miss you!