Monday, August 3, 2009

Lego Land

On Monday, we surprised the kids with a trip to Lego Land. We didn't tell them where we were going. I truly think we may surprise them like this more often. That morning they were calm. If they would have know where we were going, they would have been bouncing off the wall. It was so fun too. They had no idea, until we were driving in the drive of Lego Land. Cason looked around and saw giant Legos. He said, "Hey, I think we are going to Lego Land!" They were thrilled.

For those of you that don't know, Lego Land is an amusement park centered on Legos. They also have stores spread out through the park, so we didn't leave without buying some Legos. It is a nice amusement park for our kids. It isn't too big and our kids were able to go on most of the rides. Steve and I both admitted, though, that once you have been to Disney nothing else compares. Disney just rocks. Lego Land was fun, though and the kids had a great time, so that is all that matters.
A picture of most of us and the Lego family near the entrance to Lego Land.
Andrew and Cason on their first ride.
Daddy and the girls on their first ride, Sky Rider.
The girls, Tristan and Dad racing Cason and Andrew in a fire truck game. You can see Andrew and Cason in the background, spraying water.
Mommy and Nate in the hot air balloon ride.
Tristan driving a Lego boat.
Mommy, Leah, Anna and Nathanael watching the boys ride the Lego boats.
Our family riding a fairy tale ride in Duplo Land.

We all enjoyed another day out as a family.

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Great Grandma said...

You guys better leave some fun stuff to do when Aunt Laura and I visit!!
Only 10 days!!!!!!!