Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We've been wanting to get the kids back down to London so on Saturday, August 1, we headed down on the train. Our first stop was the Tower of London. Above is a picture of Steve with the kids in front of it. One of our first stops once inside the Tower was to get some lunch. We are all in better moods when we have full tummies. Then we were off to see the Tower.
Mommy and Nathanel eating fish and chips for lunch.
Leah at lunch.
Cason at lunch.
After we finished lunch, we headed outside only to find a sword fight going on. This is a picture of us watching the fight.

Andrew in front of a very old castle wall.
Leah happily riding on daddy's back.
Steve and the kids with the Tower Bridge in the background.
A very nice, American gentleman offered to take our picture. I think it came out pretty well.
Mommy and most of the kids with a guard in the background.
Nathanael watching the guard.

We have to admit, the Tower of London was not our favorite castle (we like Windsor and Edinburgh Castles much better). We did however really like seeing the English Crown Jewels. It was incredible seeing videos and pictures of Queen Elizabeth's corination and then seeing the amazing jewels.
Cason on the Tube (the underground).
Tristan on the Tube.
Dad and Andrew on the Tube.
Our next stop was Hamley's, a huge toy store. I think we may have been a little nuts to take our kids there, since it is such an incredibly busy store. It wasn't too bad and we even got out of there without buying anything. We did buy the kids a small item back at the Tower of London earlier, so they didn't even ask at Hamley's.
Leah in front of the lift(elevator) doors in Hamley's .
Annaliese feeding Nate some ice cream at Nandos (a delicious Portuguese chicken restaurant)
Nate after eating a bite of ice cream. I think he may have had a brain freeze.
Cheesing it up for the camera.
Annaliese eating her ice cream.
Picture of us in Piccadilly Circus before catching the tube back to the train station.
Patiently waiting to jump on the tube.
Enjoying some guy time on the train ride back to Peterborough.


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Looks like a fun time. Have a GREAT time with your sis and mom!