Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a very nice Easter weekend, although we were reminded by the weather that we live in England. It pretty much rained and was dark and cloudy most of the weekend. The sun finally came out around 2 p.m. Monday afternoon. The weather was a bummer, but we still had fun.

Friday we spent a great day with friends. Saturday we did some chores around the house, I headed out for groceries and that night we took the kids out to dinner.

Easter morning we started out with Hot Cross Buns and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. We always have the eggs the kids decorate. This year we tried an English tradition of the Hot Cross Buns. Some of the kids liked them, but not all of them. Then we were off to a long day at church. KingsGate does special guest services at Easter and does four services over the weekend. Steve and I were both on in the kids classes for the 9:15 service and our babysitter and her mom were meeting us for the second service at 11:30. The service was awesome and loads of people came to Christ. The kids also love the Easter services at church because they each get a huge chocolate egg. Yum!

After church because it was so late, we had a nice Easter lunch at McDonalds. We then headed home and put Anna and Nate down for a nap. The rest of us watched the first part of Prince Caspian. When the little ones woke up, we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt. Then we were back in to talk to Grandmas and Grandpas and have dinner. Mom and dad got to go out to celebrate my friends birthday. We had a very nice day.

I am happy we actually got a few good shots of the kids.

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