Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nate - 16 Months

Well, he is not actually sixteen months for a little over a week. I did have a few cute pictures of him and I wanted to share them. He is growing so fast. Nate is a funny little guy and still so good. He is finally walking all the time. He has been doing it for about two weeks now. He just took his mighty time and gradually faded out the crawling. I was watching him walk around this morning and thinking that he has been walking forever. He is quite stable. It is funny to watch him try to run from us or one of the boys. I will try to get a video of him walking up soon.

Since the weather has been nice here, the kids have been outside quite a bit. Nate loves watching them out the windows. He also stands at the open back door and throws anything that is near him out the door. It is a fun game for him. He also loves to be outside. The boys take him out and play with him. He loves it until they try to lug him around or pull him in the tiny wagon (picture to come). Then he starts to yell. It is so fun to watch your baby explore their first year of being able to go outside. All of a sudden their world gets a little bigger. Mom also notices that her little baby is growing up too (weep, weep).

Nate's new hair-do. Isn't the mohawk in?
In this picture, the boys got him to say "cheese". That is exactly what he is doing.

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