Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Few Days With Grandpa

My dad left bright and early, 4:30 a.m., yesterday morning. We all had such an enjoyable time with him. The kids were sad to say good-bye to him on Monday night. Leah said, "I want papa to stay here all the time...because he is friendly." I also overheard Cason saying he wanted papa to stay for a year. We will all miss him. I will definitely miss the extra set of hands. We wanted to get a last minute picture of him with the kids and as you can see, not all the kids wanted to cooperate. Such is life with six kids. It is next to impossible to get a decent picture of all of them.

Sunday, we went to church, grabbed a quick lunch and headed down to Cambridge American Cemetery in Cambridge. Around 3,812 American soldiers are buried there. Most of them are from World War II. It was an incredible and memorable place to visit. It also meant a lot to visit the cemetery with my dad since he is a vetran of the Vitenam War.

To keep the kids busy while we were there. We had them play a game while walking through the cemetary. We would call out a state and they had to find the grave of a soldier from that state. Afterall, they are kids and they don't understand the significance of the cemetary. Someday they will though and it is good to give them this experience while we live here.

Steve, my dad and the older boys went to Northen Ireland the end of last week as well. I will let Steve blog about that trip.

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