Friday, July 23, 2010

Trip to Wisconsin

Back at the end of June, we decided last minute to take a week vacation. We were already planning on spending the weekend of the Fourth of July at my mom's house in lower Michigan. We threw in a trip to Wisconsin to my sisters and a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a week earlier. Today, I'll start with our trip to Wisconsin.
We arrived late on Friday night. On Saturday, we ventured out to downtown Appleton to the Farmers Market and for a picnic lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the kids in the kiddie pool and Laura, the babies and I heading to Target.
Nora and Zoe
We also celebrated Annaliese's fourth birthday. Since we travelled on her birthday, we did it a day late with her cousins. She called her Aunt Laura a few weeks ahead of time to ask her if she would make her a princess birthday cake. Her creative, awesome, Queen of all parties, Aunt Laura came up with a Princess Crown Cake. Anna loved it, as you can see in the pictures.

Anna was a little embarrassed by all the attention with everyone singing to her.
The cousins doing their traditional funny face picture.
On Sunday, we took a trip over to Sheboygan to catch up with friends from college, The V's. They live yards from the beach of Lake Michigan. Needless to say we spent the day at the beach, catching up, and eating. A wonderful time was enjoyed by all at the V's Villa. They are the best hosts and so very gracious to accommodate six extra adults and eleven kids.
This is what the dads do at the beach.
This is what the kids do at the beach.
This is what Nate does at the beach.
I think we are still finding sand in his body cavities.
This is what the babies do at the beach.
This is what the moms do at the beach.
Our family and the V's

Nora and Zoe in their Bumbo seats. Zoe's is brand new. We got it the night before for our trip. Poor little Nora, she couldn't keep her eyes open. All the commotion over the weekend wiped her out.


Holli said...

wow amazing beach!! so fun being with friends and family!

Glenda said...

I love all the pics so nice to be able to see what you are getting up too..............miss you loads xx