Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zoe Is Five Months

Zoe turned five months on July 2. She definitely had a rough start in our family. She has been the fussiest newborn we have ever had. Once she hit four months, though, things got much better. Now I look and she is already five months and I wonder where the time has gone.
Yesterday, she tried rice cereal for the first time. I actually cried, because this means she is growing up. She isn't a little newborn anymore. She is rolling all over the place and I know soon she will be moving everywhere. Zoe is well loved and gets lots of attention from all of her siblings. She even cries when she is left alone in a room because she is used to all the chaos and noise.

One thing I do know after having so many babies, is that they grow way to quickly. I know that I need to enjoy everyday with her and cherish every moment, milestone and memory. It may have been hard the first few months with her and she will continue to be lots of work with less sleep for me for a while longer, but I know it will only be for a season and I want to embrace it all. Because before I know it, she will be ten just like her older brother, our first baby.
Her first bite of cereal.

She loved the cereal after a few bites and ate a whole bowl full.
Trying out her new Bumbo seat


Holli said...

Do you have a pic with each kid having their first bite? I will be SO IMPRESSED!!!
Happy 5 months!!!

Steve and Marti said...

You know, Holli, I think I do. It may not be the exact first bite, but at least the first time they ate solid food. I think that would make a good blog. I think I will go digging for photos.