Friday, February 11, 2011

Leah is Six !

This week we celebrated Leah's sixth birthday. It is so hard to believe. She is our "holiday" girl, so we had to be extra careful to make her day special. The day before we made pink cupcakes for her to take to school for her birthday. She really enjoyed decorating them with sprinkles. Another special thing for her birthday is that my mom was here to help celebrate it with us.
Leah decided that she wanted to buy a cake for her birthday, instead of me making one for her. So after she got home from school that day, we headed off to the grocery store to pick out a cake, as seen below. After we found her cake, I decided it would be fun to take her to McDonald's for lunch. She loved it.
We also told Leah she could pick what we would have for dinner. Her choice was macaroni and cheese, chicken breasts and I added broccoli to it. It was an easy and kid friendly.
Leah is turning into such a young lady and we are so proud of her. On her birthday, we celebrate Leah and are so thankful God chose to bless us with our first daughter. Happy Birthday, Leah!
My big Birthday Girl
Leah showing off the castle she built with her grandma. Thanks, Aunt Laura, the crafty things were a hit.


Glenda said...

She is getting so big, love to Leigh for her birthday and to the rest of the Sturhahn crew. We love you all xx

Holli said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH!!! Can't believe you are SIX!!!
Marti LOVE YOUR FAM PIC at the top! BEAUTIFUL!!!