Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was a couple of weeks back and I thought I would share a few photos. Since we have moved back to the USA , the boys are loving football (American football). They all have their favorite teams and they all love playing, especially playing with dad. This winter they have cleared out a large space in the basement where they have their own field. They have named this game basement football. They are down there most nights playing. They are always looking for an audience, but mom and grandma's don't give in anymore. They are really rough and someone usually ends up crying. I've deemed basement football, Dad's territory.

This year the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers played in the Super Bowl. Cason is our die hard Packers fan. You can see from his jersey and the fact that he got green and yellow rubber bands for his braces the last time he went to the Orthodontist. Andrew is a Chicago Bears fan, so the game two weeks earlier was more fun for both of them. The Packers and the Bears played each other in the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl. Needless to say, the Packers won. Since the Bears weren't in the Super Bowl, Andrew cheered for the Steelers, just to go against the crowd. Although, Uncle Mark cheered with him as the Steelers are his favorite team.

For the Super Bowl, we had a bit of a party...lots of snacks, two grandmas, one grandpa and one uncle. We did end up making the kids go to bed before the game was over since it was a school night, but we did record it for them. They promptly got up the next morning and finished the game. Cason ended up being a very happy camper since the Packers won the Super Bowl this year.

It was a great night and great to see the boys so excited for a game and so dedicated to their team.

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Anonymous said...

Da Bears Rule. This is to Cason :b