Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day(s)

It begins - February 1, 2011

Snowmageddon, Snowpoclayse and Blizzard 2011 are a few of names they have come up with for the storm that went through our area yesterday, last night and into this morning. We had a potential for up to 22 inches of snow before the storm was all said and done with. Needless to say, school was closed yesterday and today. Yesterday morning, I was wondering if they shouldn't have had school since it didn't start snowing until around noon. Very quickly, though, I realized why. Once it started, the snow was coming down anywhere from 1-3 inches an hour. Steve, thankfully, left work around 12:30 and made it home safely. He said conditions were pretty yucky with a few white out conditions.

The kids played out in the snow most of the afternoon. The snow and the wind were blowing like crazy, but they loved it. After dinner and being begged much by the kids, Steve went out and played with the kids for a bit. That is until they heard the snow thunder, or Snunder as Steve likes to call it. Then it didn't take them long at all to come running inside. The lightning and thunder was crazy. You would have to see it to believe it.

We all went to bed listening to the wind and the snow howl against the house, all the while praying for no power outages.

Out our back door the morning of February 2, 2011

A snowdrift bigger than Leah

As the kids woke up this morning, they rushed the the patio door and pulled back the curtain to see how big the drift out the door had gotten. The drift had gotten to at least 3 feet high. They quickly ate their breakfast and they were out the door once again to play in the snow. After a bit, Steve headed out to begin shoveling the driveway. He spent the next 2 1/2-3 hours out there. Thankfully, one of our neighbors let Steve use his snow blower, but it was still slow-going. The plowback at the end of the driveway was as wide as our van is long and it was just over Steve's knees in depth.

Not just snow, but wind too.
Zoe keeping nice and warm eating her birthday breakfast, while the others play outside behind her.
Nathanael had his go too, he didn't last out very long.

The snow is a tad too deep for a little guy.

As I sit and type, the snowplows have gone through the neighborhood a couple more times and Steve is back out there clearing the plow back. I've been wanting to get out there so badly today and help, but I was diagnosed with Strep Throat again on Sunday and I still don't feel well. So my job, during these snow days, is to keep everyone fed, to hang up all the wet outdoor clothing, to watch from the window and to care for the little ones. This isn't too bad though, I am staying nice and warm.

Cason working hard shoveling the plowback.

Cason's tunnel
Steve snow blowing

Our town has come in with a total of 14.4 inches. This is a pretty significant amount for this area. I don't ever remember getting this much here. Records were broken. This is definitely one winter and storm we won't forget. The kids are in Snow Heaven. Now we just have to wait and see if there will be school tomorrow. I am pretty sure there will be, if not I better come up with a plan to keep the seven busy so they don't get too bored.

The mailbox before
and after
Tristan standing above the mailbox
Still working hard

I began writing this blog earlier in the day today. We just found out a couple of hours ago that school is once again canceled for tomorrow. We are supposed to have some very cold weather too. I don't know how much the kids will be outside. I need to get myself all geared up with some plans so we all don't go nuts. I think we will maybe make cookies, play games, read some books and probably watch some tv. Hey, we've got to make the most of our snow days!


Laura said...

I want a snow day! Looks like fun....not the shoveling for 3 hours. Hey did you make your valentine pennant yet? That would be fun to do tomorrow with them? I didn't ,I think I will take the stuff North with me for when the kids get board we could work on it together.

Auntie Jan said...

Hey guys, we get this amt of snow every winter along with temps of minus 25C ! We have been shovelling for 3 months already so we are leaving town and heading to Phoenix for a month to 6 weeks!! Looks like the kids are having fun, your pictures bring back a lot of fond memories, as kids we loved the snow. Not so much now. Stay warm. Winnipeg Canada