Friday, January 28, 2011

Tristan and Basketball

Tristan is quite the energetic boy and he loves any sport with a ball involved. Since it is winter and we stuck inside quite a bit, he needed someway to release some energy. We signed him up for Upward Basketball. It is a Christian program that helps kids learn the game of basketball, while using Bible memory and devotion time to teach the kids about God. We had the program recommended to us by quite a few friends. They practice on Friday evenings and have games on Saturday mornings.
His team has been practicing for about four weeks now and they had their first game last Saturday. The whole family attended, even grandma, grandpa and uncle. It was so fun to watch the first and second graders learn/play the game. Tristan did really well, too. He scored 4 of the teams 7 baskets. He was quite proud of himself. At the end, he said, "I like basketball better than soccer." This melts my heart, because I have a great love for basketball, also, as I played through high school.

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Holli said...

by the looks of it he has a great coach too!! :)
Go Tristan GO!!!