Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Andrew in Oliver

A couple weeks ago, Andrew's fifth grade class put on the musical Oliver Twist. Every year the fifth grade classes at his school do a play. This one was picked just before Christmas. The kids had to audition for parts. They sang solos and read lines. Their class, also, did all the work from the parts, lights, sound, set, programs, etc. They all worked so hard and they did an excellent job.
Andrew played the part of Mr. Bumble, the mean orphanage runner. We weren't sure how Andrew would do in playing the mean part, since he always has a smile on his face. He did great though. He even had the opening lines of the play which added a bit of pressure.

I've been waiting to post this because I wanted to put a clip of Andrew singing his duet. But, since we still haven't gotten around to it, I wanted to post this anyways.

We are so proud of Andrew and the courage he had in doing Oliver. He and the entire fifth grade did an excellent job and they have a lot to be proud of.


Dawn said...

Oh, that is wonderful! It takes courage to get up on stage, and I love that they encourage that at an early age. Way to go, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

I am andrew