Friday, April 1, 2011

Project Simplify #4 - Refrigerator/Pantry

Well, another week and I'm a bit more organized. This week's task for Project Simlify (the refrigerator and pantry) was pretty doable. I broke the areas into a couple different projects to make them fit in during my days. When I had a half hours or so, I would get to work.

On Wednesday, I conquered the refrigerator. It desperately needed it as the last time I completely emptied it and cleaned it was when we moved in a year and a half ago. Every few weeks or so, I do wipe down the shelves, though. I even had a little four year old helper and her help was greatly appreciated. She is a hard worker and she did an excellent job.

On Thursday morning, I cleaned out the pantry. I got a couple bins from Walmart to better organize the shelves. As time goes by, we'll see how the arrangement works. A bit of trial and error so to say. Later Thursday, I did the other two cupboards. I put the bottles away, since the baby is now off the bottle. I also cleaned out old spices and began a new shopping list.

As I make my way through the house with Project Simplify, I am finding myself being filled with motivation and working on other areas of the house as well. I worked a bit in the garage the other day too. I hope to finish that tomorrow. I love a good challenge. How about you?

Pantry before

Cupboard #1 before

Cupboard #2 before

Frig before

All of the food out of the frig. Notice my little helper in the background :)

Ahhh, a clean refreshing.

No more bottles or baby food

Pantry after

Cupboard #1 after

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