Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Since Marti is off enjoying some time away in Northern Ireland, I thought I'd post a quick blog to wish her a happy Mother's Day. Having been home for two full and 2 half days with the kids, I continue to marvel at what a great mother she is and wonder how she does this day in and day out. I know that Marti's dream since childhood has been to be a mother and I am so thankful that I can be part of this journey with her. I know that the kids don't always make it easy (okay, most of the time they don't make it easy) and that I don't recognize and appreciate all she does for us, but please know that I know what you give to us. But more than what she does for us and for the way she runs her household, I am thankful for her desire to see me and her children living out God's vision. Marti, I know you have sacrificed a great deal because of us, and I want you to know that I thank God for you and for the beautiful children you have brought into this world.

Now, I had intended to have the kids each give me something to blog about mom, but I wasn't able to get this done...but who knows, maybe they will think of someway to tell mom how much they love her.

Marti, you mean the world to all of us, so please know that we love you dearly and have missed you while you were gone.


Andrew said...

Mom, I love you very much and like how you help me with my school and that you cook for us. Happy Mother's Day.

Leah said...

Mom, I love that you read me stories and that you help me do my math and read me books. Happy Mother's Day to you mom.
Love, Leah

Cason said...

Mom, I like it that you help me with my school. Happy Mother's Day.
Love, Cason

Annaliese said...

Mom, thank you for doing my hair pretty and piggy tails and reading me stories at bedtime. I love you.

Nathanael said...

Mum, thanks for taking care of me, for playing with me and for making me laugh. I love you.

Tristan said...

Mom, I like it that you take us for walks and I like it when you take us to Big Sky and to help me do my school and to help us go to the park.
Happy Mother's Day.

Laura said...

That is so sweet....I am crying. Miss you guys and Happy Mothers Day Marti.

Glenda said...

Oh Marti, you see they sooooo appreciate you. Thank you again, the Northern Ireland trip would not have been the same without you, and thank you to your husband and wonderful kids for letting us have you, on loan

Holli said...

aaahhhhh what a sweet husband! Andy says "way to make us/me look bad!"
thanks for having the kids while we got some girls time in!!! has she told you about your next trip???

mommy said...

I am blessed times 7. Wow, I feel so loved. I love you all too!