Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ring of Kerry - Ireland

This is the house we stayed in for the rest of the week. Through all of our travels, we have found that it is much easier for us to rent a cottage/house for our holiday than to stay at hotels. Hotels just aren't big enough for us, so we have to get two rooms. We, also, don't have things like a refrigerator. Having a kitchen enables us to have breakfast at home before going out for the day and to make picnic lunch to take with us. That it what we did everyday. It saved money too, as we only ate out dinner. Price wise, renting a house is cheaper for us than getting two hotel rooms for a week. In our opinion, the way to go!

This house was in Killarney, and it was perfect for our family. It was big, plus it had a huge fenced-in driveway and garden/yard for the kids to play in. It also had everything we needed for the week, for example a washer and dryer. This house was also well decorated, had comfy furniture and beds and it was super clean. It, by far, was the best cottage we have stayed in across Europe. If anyone is headed to Ireland and you would like the info, let me know. You won't be disappointed.
Ross Castle in Killarney
Tuesday - 1st full day in Killarney, we just did local things.
Cason and his lucky clover.
Picnic lunch at Ross Castle
This is at a viewing area just up the road from our house. It looks down to the lakes at the bottom of the mountain.
Wednesday - We drove the Ring of Kerry. It was a windy gloomy day, but when we wanted to get out of the car it was dry. We drove for a few hours and then followed some signs and found a beach. There were only two other people there, so we had the beach to ourselves. We climbed a few dunes and then the kids just enjoyed climbing on the rocks and playing in the sand. After we did the beach, we ate our lunch in the car and then continued on the Ring of Kerry. It is a beautiful drive through the mountains and on the coast.

Wednesday was also Steve's 33rd birthday. After our drive, we headed back into Killarney and had dinner at a traditional Irish pub. Steve's dinner is shown above. He, of course, had a Guinness. You can't go to Ireland with out having a Guinness. Everyone says they taste so much better in Ireland, much smoother. I did have a drink, but gagged. He also had Steak and Guinness pie. I tried that too and it was soooooo good. Funny, though, I don't remember what I had to eat.
Dinner at the pub
After we ate, we headed back to the house to have birthday cake. I had run into Marks and Spencer and got a Black Forrest Gateau earlier. Yummy!

On a side note, Happy Birthday, Babe! I hope you had a great one. We sure had a great time with you in Ireland.

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