Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just thought I'd pass this along. Our church service will be aired live tomorrow from 10-11am on BBC One. The BBC do one live church broadcast per year on Pentecost Sunday and KingsGate was asked to do it this year. It has been a crazy amount of work to get ready for it (so I am told) and the service is altered quite a bit from normal (it is live TV), but we are excited to see what God can do with this (the BBC say around 1 million people watch it). In addition, Andrew and Cason's class will be singing and dancing along with a song and will be shown as well (the boys think it's a sure thing that they will be on TV and are really excited about it). They are telling all the neighbors that they will be on TV and that they should watch at 10am...I love that kids aren't afraid to just be bold and ask people to watch.

Not sure if you can actually watch it 1) because you probably don't get the BBC and 2) because it would be at 4am your time. But if you are up, you could see if you can watch it online (I've not checked). We have checked now, and it looks as though you won't be able to watch live from the US. We will try to get some copies if the BBC makes some available.

Please pray that many lives would be impacted by this opportunity to reach our community and the nation.

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Holli said...

YOU ARE FAMOUS!! :) loved the service! good job with holding from your temptation of waving!:)