Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Sky

After being in the house all week, I decided that today we needed to get out. I took the kids to a place called Big Sky. It is a big warehouse that they have turned into a huge play place. They have climbing ropes, trampolines, slides, ball pits and an excellent toddler play area. The kids absolutely love it. They just run and run. It is just what they need to do since it is winter and they aren't getting outside to play. It is also a great place to have gym class.

If we were to head home for lunch, I knew Anna and Nate would fall asleep and I wouldn't be able to wake them for lunch. I also knew that they wouldn't sleep for the rest of the afternoon. I have to admit, I like nap time too much for them not to sleep. So, we headed over to a shopping mall close to Big Sky and grabbed subs from a sub shop.

The kids were so good. It was a delight to take them out today and I think we all had fun. Now it is time to do some multiplication flash cards and then the boys get to play their DS's for a little bit.

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