Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day Abroad

I feel so disconnected. Living here has definitely separated us from all the anticipation, celebrations, news and happenings of this day. Today marks a huge day and a big impact on the history of our country with the first black man becoming President. We are not there and it all feels so distant. We don't watch the news to even see all the things leading up to this day. Steve checks the news online, but I don't even do that. I rely on him to tell me the important things. I forgot to even tell the kids what today was until this morning and we even home school. I just looked up to see when all the news coverage begins today. I just told Andrew to remind me that it starts at 10 (aka 4 our time) and that we will turn the tv on then and watch (as much as they stay interested in). I just think what a cool learning opportunity for the kids and also for myself.

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