Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday at Sheffield

I had been in the house all week with the kids and so we decided to head out somewhere today. We talked about possibilities last night, but we didn't come to any conclusions. This morning we talked through the options again and decided to take a trip up to Sheffield. It is a city about an hour and a half North West of us. We haven't been there yet and we hear from friends that it has a really nice shopping mall, Meadow Hall. It was a very nice mall complete with food court (most malls don't have them here, they just have restaurants) and a stand that sold Mt Dew and kettle corn (also things you can't get here).

They also have a store called Primark. We don't have one in our city. Primark has very cheap clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. for adults and children. I love it because I am buying for six kids and they are very active, especially the boys. I have found that after boys turn two you can't do much hand-me-down on clothes anymore. They wear them out, especially jeans, with holes, dirt and grass stains on the knees. At Primark I was able to buy jeans for the older boys for 3 and 4 pounds each. For that price, it doesn't matter much to me if they do ruin them. If it interests you, I thought I would leave a breakdown of what I bought and the total price I paid. I couldn't believe how much I got for such a low price.

2 two-packs of summer night gowns for the girls 6 pounds (for 4 night gowns)
long sleeve tee's for the girls 2.50 each (x2)
2 pair of pink glittery tennis shoes 3 pounds ea.
a two-pack of tights 2.50
6 pair of jeans for boys 20 pounds

Total of all 39.50

I think that is just crazy. And now with the better exchange I am not doubling it like I was a few months ago.


Stacey said...

I went to that store once in London-loved it. I had a stack of stuff to buy but the line was soooooo long I ended up leaving and getting nothing. My hairdresser at Bannatyne's went on and on about Primark. Too bad they don't have one in Peterborough.

Glenda said...

Whooooo hoooo converted to Primark i knew you would love it. I love that shopping centre too and its really not that far away. Glad you all had a good day:)

Jenny Henk said...

Apparently Primark is great for adult, clothes, too! I didn't go to one when I was in the UK but I'd make a stop next time.