Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Style of Her Own

Annaliese loves to get dressed all by herself. If I tell the kids to go get dressed, she is usually the first one down all dressed. Usually, she has two shirts on, one being her pj shirt, and almost always a skirt. Her outfits don't usually match either. That is the joy of staying at home, it doesn't matter much. I do make sure she matches when we go out and I usually pick her clothes on those days. She loves to be in dresses and skirts too. These are pictures I took of her last week. It was one of those days when she picked. I didn't get it in the photos, but she had a hot pink zip-up sweater on most of the day too. You can see she is sporting her new 3 pound Primark shoes also. She'll be one that needs mom's guidance on fashion in the future. Or maybe she will be a trend-setter.


Laura said...

She reminds me so much of Haven. Haven is getting much better at matching. Some days she will have 3 long sleeve shirts on and tights under leggings. Tell me how is that even comfortable.

Great Grandma said...

Anna is so cute, a real trendsetter!
When Laura was little, she used to come up with some very strange combinations too. By the way,as a Grandmother now, I would NEVER make her change before going out. I think I finally have my priorities in the right place.
Love you all!!