Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dinner in London

Thanks to Kathy, one of our favorite babysitters, Steve was able to come home from work early on Tuesday and were were able to take the 3:00 train to London to have dinner with Sherwood and Areli before they left on Thursday. Steve and I don't get out too much on dates, so we were both excited to get a whole afternoon and evening away together. The hour train ride was great for talking and dreaming together. When we made it to London, I took Steve for a quick tour of Covent Gardens, seeing as he had never been there before. It was a cold, cold day so we headed into Starbuck, grabbed a cup of coffee and walked to the British Museum to meet up with Sherwood and Areli.

We met up with them and took the Tube to Oxford Street to Comida Bar, where we had reservations for dinner. Comida is an excellent Brazillian restaurant where they keep bringing skewers of meat to your table until you are full. The food was excellent and the guys especially liked eating all they wanted. Thanks for the recommendation, Jen.

It was such a blessing to have some adult time with Sherwood and Areli before we said good-bye. It was hard to say good-bye not knowing when we will see them again. Maybe next time they will have some babies of their own.

May God bless you both as you serve him in Guatemala!

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