Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jonah Bible Activity for Preschoolers

Last week as four of mine were at school and the baby was napping, I wanted to spend some time with my 3 and 4 year old. As I thought about what we could do together, I remembered how we used to play Jonah and the whale (big fish) with the older boys when they were little. I decided it would be a fun activity to do with them, plus it would teach them about God's will for us.

I told them to get their Bibles. They both ran and found their Bibles, actually they each grabbed two, and then we met on my bed. I hadn't had a chance to make the bed yet that morning so we snuggled up together. I then proceeded to find the story of Jonah in each of their children's Bibles. Then I read the story from each of their Bibles, not all four, but just one for each of them. After I read, we chatted a bit about how when Jonah didn't obey God he got swallowed by the big fish. It was then as Jonah was in the belly of the fish that he needed to ask God to forgive him for not obeying and then the fish spit him out.

Next we did a fun activity to make the story more real and fun for them. We pretended we were Jonah and that we disobeyed God. I then lifted the covers to the bed (our big fish) and we crawled inside. We talked very briefly about how dark it was and how we knew we had sinned against God by not obeying him. We said a quick prayer like, "God please forgive me."
Then we threw back the blanket as the big fish spit us out.

They absolutely LOVED it and we played it over, and over, and over again...until mommy had enough.

I just thought I would share a really simple, yet fun way to teach God's truth to your preschoolers.

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